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Exam Board

Exam Board

This  committee is responsible to conduct the examinations and evaluate the answer papers on time and also to publish the result in time. Moreover they can invigilate the examination vigilantly to avoid malpractices in the examination.

The examination from academic year 2018-19 and onward would be conducted as per the remodeled assessment structure explained below:


1.Scholastic Area
a)The school will conduct three periodic written tests in the entire academic year and the average of the best two will be taken. The school will have the autonomy to make its own schedule.  However, for the purpose of gradient learning three sets may be held as one being the mid-term test and other two being pre-mid term and post mid-term with the portion of syllabus cummulatively covered.

b) Notebook submission as a part of internal assessment is aimed at enhancing seriousness of students preparing notes for the topics being taught in the classroom as well as assignments.

c) Subject Enrichment Activities: These are subject specific application activities aimed at enrichment of the understanding and skill development.

2.Co-scholastic activities: School will promote co-curricular activities for the holistic development of the student.

3.Discipline (Attendance, Sincerity, Behaviour, Values)

Discipline significantly impacts career shaping and helps build character

1 Student who are absent for an examination without convincing reasons will be considered as failed.  In case of illness a doctor’s certificate is to be produced.  No candidate will be allowed to write the examination unless school dues have been paid to full.

2 Students are strictly forbidden from borrowing articles from other students in examination hall.

3 Students who indulge in copying, consulting and carrying answer slips to the examination hall will be punished.

4 Application for the verification of mark may be considered in special cases at the discretion of the principal.

5 The year’s work will include Moral Science, Drawing, Music, Craft, Dance, Yoga, Karate and Physical Education. No separate examination will be held in these subjects.  At the end of each term, grades will be awarded for these subjects.


1 Promotion to a higher class is based on a student’s over all performance in the various examinations conducted during the year. Details are given in the progress Report Card.

2 Results are published at the end of every academic year.

3 Students who fail to score 40% average in each subject will be detained.

4 A student who fails twice in the same class will not be permitted to continue studies in the school.

5 The promotion list will be put up on the school notice board. Result will not be communicated to the parents or students by any other means.  Requests for review of the results will not be entertained.  The result of the students with fee dues will be withheld.

The Exam Board Committee

1. Rev Sr. Mary Stephen D.M.

Principal, Stella Maris convent Senior Secondary School Thiruvanniyoor.

2. Rev. Sr. Navya Theresa DM
In- Charge of K G Section Stella Maris Senior secondary school Thiruvaniyoor .

3. Mrs. Remya K.M
Staff, Stella Maris convent Senior Secondary School Thiruvanniyoor.

4. Mrs.Neethu Kesavan
Staff, Stella Maris convent Senior Secondary School Thiruvanniyoor.

5. Mrs. Sujitha Eldose
Staff, Stella Maris convent Senior Secondary School Thiruvanniyoor.

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